Eating disorders are serious illnesses that require the attention of highly specialized professionals. Shame and fear often discourage people from seeking help or talking to a loved one about harbored concern. For children and adolescents, parents often know there is a problem but do not know where to begin. 

My approach to treating eating disorders is firmly rooted in current knowledge of evidence-based practice and the real relationship between therapist and client.  I depends on your active participation in treatment and shared belief that eating disorders, though difficult to overcome, are treatable. Together we will work to uncover the maintaining processes that perpetuate your eating problem, identify the important function it is likely serving, and work towards helping you build a life worth living without your disorder.  

I offer both short-term and longer-term therapy approaches depending on clinical indication.  I advocate a team approach when necessary and can help you build a top-notch team of highly specialized professionals. My commitment to the treatment of eating disorders has connected me closely with dietitians, physicians and psychiatrists, all distinguished by their clinical chops and shared passion for collaborative care. 

Specialized short-term treatments include:

Here are some resources I recommend to individuals and families exploring eating disorder treatment: