Support Groups

There are many ways an eating disorder intrudes upon a family; you might have a child afflicted with one, or you might struggle with an eating disorder of your own. Our groups operate under the premise that parents can most effectively attend to their children when they attend to themselves. Connecting with others facing similar issues can help you feel less isolated and cope more effectively. While support beyond that offered by family and friends may not appeal to everyone, there are many benefits that come from looking outside your immediate circle. 

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Family-Based Treatment Group

Our parent support group is designed to empower those who have a child or adolescent struggling with an eating disorder by strenghthening parent-to-parent connections. Share experiences, struggles, and triumphs to increase knowledge and decrease isolation. With the guidance of a child and adolescent eating disorder specialist explore issues such as managing treatment and school, meal-time strategies, and the all-too-neglected self-care. This group is a wonderful complement to any eating disorder treatment your child is currently engaged in. Parents exploring treatment options are also welcome.  

This group meets the first Monday of every month at 7:30pm. 

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Secure Self, Secure Seedling

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time in a woman’s life. Physical and emotional changes abound as your identity evolves to include a new role: parent. Expectant women with a past or present eating disorder and their babies may be at risk for complications, both physical and psychological. But pregnancy also offers a precious opportunity to reclaim your body and relate to yourself in a whole new way; a way that your child will in turn benefit from tremendously.

This group is for women who are currently pregnant or plan to start a family who struggle with disordered or emotional eating and body-image issues. We will explore challenges, personal goals, and newly emerging values that may support eating disorder recovery and set a strong foundation for the next generation.Women struggling with any disordered eating behaviors or body image concerns are welcome.

This group runs in a 5-week session.